Creating A New Vision

I’ve learned to let go. I’ve learned to sit on the bank and watch the river carry things away. Many learn that, then move on again and again, meandering aimlessly through existence. No purpose, no intentions to set, no gifts brought forth to share.

Yes, I’ve done this. I’ve learned to clear out the clutter of long ago and sweep out the debris that no longer serves. Yet I’m unwilling to stop at this, unwilling to settle, unwilling to make this my home. I’ve spoken of this before while stumbling around trying to find my way and waiting for dawn to break. Then…

Today, I no longer need to let go. Today, I feel the winter’s chill retreat. Today, I hear the bitter wind’s howl fade. Today I reach out. Today, I feel the cool rain on my cheeks. Today, I embrace the world. Today, I feel the warm sun on my face. Today, I feel gratitude and joy.

A new dawn, a new dream, a new synchronicity.

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