An Important Announcement

Dr. John Campbell is a professor of nursing in the UK. I began watching his daily COVID-19 updates in March 2020. I don't catch him every day now, but I have found that his information is spot on. Indeed, I credit his medical advice about how to fight this virus as the reason I survived... Continue Reading →

Mice and Moving Cheese

Years ago when I worked in consumer finance, my company purchased its biggest competitor, and massive changes were afoot! So they bought every employee a copy of the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson. We all read it, then there were the office discussions about it. To be honest, I don't think... Continue Reading →

Freshening Up an Attitude

The last three weeks have been emotionally and finally physically difficult. The transition back to work has been a challenging one. Not getting everything done I had planned this summer, getting hit with the reality of the current COVID-19 surge, learning I have more work to do on my spiritual path, and sitting at a... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

I have caught a couple of commentaries on the current Delta Variant surge of the unvaccinated that has brought interesting perspectives to the table. One with a background in anthropology, commented that the anti-vaxxers are acting like religious fanatics. They won't get vaccinated because it flies in the face of their dogmatic beliefs, but that's... Continue Reading →

A Choice

Long day at work. I spent a lot of time on video calls listening to trainings - most boring. Had internet connection issues at my office and my ADHD brain was in full rebellion. By late afternoon, mood was crashing and thoughts were descending down long, dark hallways.... Then I came home and realized, I... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back

In packing for my short trip, I realized that even though I've only lost a few pounds with being so active this summer, I've lost inches. I've got a few things that have been hanging in my closet that I can wear now! I'm so stoked! It's really motivating. I just want to keep going... Continue Reading →

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