Souls in Shadow and in Light

Sometimes, a soul enters my realm; one who may simply be passing through. Their purpose is finite - to briefly be the mirror as I gaze upon the reflection of my own heart. Some are angels; some are lessons; some remain unknown. Yet, no matter. I embrace them for however they come and for however... Continue Reading →

Into the Darkness and the Cold

Winter is here. The clocks have been turned back. The sun sets before 5:00pm. The overnight temperatures are below freezing, and the daytime ones are barely above freezing. No snow. Just dead leaves being tossed around by the wind. My house is dark and quiet when I return home. The silence weighs heavily in the... Continue Reading →

The Missing Red Wave

So often I hear young people being put down. I hear about how weak or lazy or stupid they are. I hear people wonder out loud how the young people will ever manage to function in the real world. Indeed, I recently experienced this with a colleague who's 14 years older than I am. I... Continue Reading →


I have been sharing my recent loss. Some may wonder why or may find it too difficult to touch. Yet, touch it you must. One day, you will have no choice but to do so. One day, it will be your turn to be the one who's fine one day only to find your world... Continue Reading →

One Last. . .

I met DH on a Trailways bus. We were both college students and were coming up to Denver to then go to our respective homes for the holidays. We talked for hours on the long bus ride. Once we got to Denver, we each had a layover, so we went to Woolworth's where he bought... Continue Reading →

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