Ongoing Challenge

The day I was in a car accident back in July, I started experiencing tingling in my lower leg and foot. Now, two months later and with chiropractic care, it's still there. The good part is that the sciatica is settled down, so I'm not in a lot of pain anymore. My doctor also made... Continue Reading →

Not So Bitter Partings

I removed my last post because it was just too much. I decided I really didn't want to put that out there to the universe. While it was also cathartic, it didn't serve me since I keep having more and more information coming into my awareness about where I am right now. Therefore, I took... Continue Reading →


So working on the physical was a good idea. Then working on the spiritual was good idea. Now, to bring both together. It's not mind and body, but physical and spiritual; intellect and emotion. Like the moon is full and then new again and again as it waxes and wanes pulling the tides. Yet, they... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Yourself

I had a woman speak to me about grief lately. She said what she learned when she was widowed was that it's like you have to reinvent yourself without that person. In many ways, I do feel like that. No matter how old your kids get, you're still their parent. No matter how old our... Continue Reading →

Late Summer Blessings

While I mourn my losses, I also give gratitude for my blessings. I have supportive friends and a workplace that's very accommodating to my needs. I'm super grateful that my old, high-mileage vehicle is going to be repaired instead of totaled. It was transported to the body shop today! I go review the damages and... Continue Reading →

Summer Challenges

In mid-July, I was in a car accident. I was the 4th and final car hit in an intersection accident. I was in a left turn lane behind another car. After the light turned green, an elderly woman coming the other way, ran the red light and t-boned the sedan in the intersection which spun... Continue Reading →

Shifting and Letting Go

I'm trying to get things sorted out and easier to sort through for when I'm gone. I know it's not something most people want to think about let alone do, but I find that it's far better to plan and not leaved your loved ones chaos. I was left chaos, and swore I would never... Continue Reading →

The Bitter and the Sweet

I teach at an blended learning alternative high school. It's the kind of job that at times will break your heart, and at times will make your heart sing. Sometimes in the same day. Today was one of those days. I had the family of a student I had in my class all this past... Continue Reading →

Today was Different – 6/28/2022

I've watched the slow march towards authoritarianism for many years. I've watched that march break into a full run since 2016.I've watched the GOP's horror show become a death-spiral.I've watched the Jan 6th Committee hearings with anger and disgust.But today was different. I'm not even sure why today was different. But it was.I'm an eternal... Continue Reading →

To-Do Lists Be Gone!

I have chosen not to create to-do lists anymore. I would inevitably add more than I could possibly get done, and then not be kind to myself when I fell short of accomplishing a super-human task of completely an entirely unrealistically long to-do list. Sure, I tried to shorten my list, but then I would... Continue Reading →

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