An Owl Beckons

This morning, I woke from a dream where I saw three women I’ve known who are all passed now. I was speaking to one who had been a true mentor and cared a great deal for me. The other two, I only saw walking past while I was speaking this first woman.

I also saw the woman who I had taken a psychopomp workshop from. It felt like she was checking on me. We didn’t speak directly, but she was smiling as she watched me interact with these women and more. There were others although it was unclear who they were. They wandered the mists of time.

A white owl flew out of the mist, screeched as he went by, then disappeared into the shadows of the mist once again. I parted from the 1st woman I was talking to and followed where the owl led. I went to catch up to the other two women as I felt a need to greet and speak with them as well.

My time there was focused and purposeful. No, not time for this place was outside the finite measurements of a clock. When I awoke, these images remained swirling in my consciousness.

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