Among the Trees & Stones

Greetings! I’m Shawn Walker. Welcome to Candescent Moon, a site for earth-based spirituality and the ancient alphabets of the runes and the ogham.

As with many, I began with the Norse Elder Futhark but went on to become acquainted with the 33 Anglo-Saxon runes. While the latter are primarily for personal use, I have found the Elder Futhark to provide excellent insights when reading for others.

Next, I learned the Celtic Ogham where each stave represents a tree. While I have found the trees to be wonderful for daily meditation, when reading for others, I have connect with the magic of the trees through Micki Mueller’s “Voice of the Trees Oracle” cards. Now, I continue to deepen my experience by exploring the wisdom of each tree and embracing a unique perspective on Celtic astrology.

On these pages, I honor the divine by following the lunar cycles and word-weaving my soul-path towards wholeness.

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