Shne na (build a fire on a journey) – a Native American symbolgram. The black diamond is a person, the blue triangle is a heart, the purple rectangle is a watchful eye, and the yellow is the spark of lightening. For me, this represents that Wherever I go, I carry my hearth with me.

Readings with

  • Anglo-Saxon Runes
  • Voice of the Trees Oracle (Mickie Mueller)
  • Faerie Oracle (Brian Froud)
  • Heart of Faerie Oracle (Brian Froud)
  • Gaian Tarot (Joanna Powell Colbert)

4-card readings – $15

8-card readings – $30

Other Services

  • Shamanic Journeying for Insights & Healing
  • Intuitive Dream Interpretation
  • Energy Clearing & Cleansing

Starts at $20 for 30 minutes

Classes, Workshops, & Discussion Groups

  • Creating your sacred space
  • Honoring the Cycles of the Moon & Lunar Astrology
  • Folk Tales, Faerie Tales, & Mythology
  • Core shamanism – journeying for beginners

Prices vary by event

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