Paths that Cross

My cousin lost her husband on the summer solstice. He had been under hospice care for 3 months and slipped the bonds of earth on his 79th birthday. My cousin was the essence of love and radiated such grace in letting her beloved go. They are both so special to me. Hank was gentle, kind,... Continue Reading →

Response to End-Timers

I've been getting occasional texts from a family member with videos of someone talking about the "end times." While I appreciate his concern for me, I don't agree at all. I just ignore the texts...don't even respond because I'm hoping not to damage the relationship. Anyway, this is what I would like to say to... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time

There was a woman who figured out who she was - a storyteller. She told stories to entertain and to educate. She lived stories in her dreams and journeys. She had many adventures on the planet where she was born. She made friends with a myriad of the magical and mystical. She splashed in rivers,... Continue Reading →


Photo by Caleb Kastein on Unsplash Laughter of the north wind. Promise of the morning sun. Wisdom of the ancient rivers. Perseverance of the mountains. ~ Spirit far above the tallest trees. Spirit deep within the mother's heart.

Leafing Out with New Growth

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually started writing something only to not get it finished. Then by the time I get back to it, the moment has passed. Anyway, here I am – back in the game. I’m working on my place again. I had to rehang a drum once the hook... Continue Reading →

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Today, I had someone tell me that I build community. That I'm one of these people who do that naturally. Really? Then why have I been through so many? Maybe building them is not the problem but sustaining them is? Where's my community now? I'm not even sure how to make friends any more or... Continue Reading →


When new things start showing up on the horizon, sometimes old things have to give way and lovingly be released. Letting go is not always easy. It takes time to reflect and release. Sometimes to grieve. I'm one who has picked myself up off the floor more than once. I've even had others comment on... Continue Reading →


Since I was snowed in for Spring Break, I didn't really done much. I also wasn't focused or motivated. At first I had a lot of regrets and was self-critical of my lack of productivity. Yet, it slowly seeped in that I actually wasn't unproductive at all. It became a time of incubation, a time... Continue Reading →

Healing Partner

My cat, Mocha, is a small Torbie. She has the colors of a tortoise shell (tortie) in the pattern of tabby. She is also a healer. She assists in healings I experience with shamans over Zoom when I'm with a shamanic group I'm learning from. One night, she was peacefully laying on the back of... Continue Reading →

Mind, Body, and Spirit Are One

Now, to unite, integrate, and emerge. This has been a message and realization that has been coming through loud and clear lately. I have a long history of asthma and have had after-effects of Covid. Whenever I have even the slightest cold, it goes directly to my lungs and triggers asthma - sometimes rather starkly.... Continue Reading →

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