The Emerging Light

A new direction in my life is emerging. I have potential places for where my tribe is. I have possible ways of finding them. I'm about to embark on a journey that's going to bring dramatic changes into my life. There's much to do, yet I've already started. . . As with any transformation, embracing... Continue Reading →

The Coming Light

Sorrow brings release. Once the break is there, and the loss acknowledged, possibilities open up. A new focus; a brighter future. The clouds lift and sun rises again. Today it stays a little longer and burns a little brighter. And the future begins. No longer fettered by those who want something from me. Now, it... Continue Reading →

A Visitor

Sometimes dreams showcase what we're dealing with in our waking lives. Sometimes nightmares even more so. I awoke this morning from the latter where a loved one was not just packing to move, but loading the moving van. I went over to her house asking when she was planning on telling me. I was so... Continue Reading →

Shifts and Priorities

So I began feeling a little overwhelmed with all I want to get done this week, so now I'm prioritizing. Lately, I've been learning tricks to use rewards with weight loss, exercise, and making better decisions. Now, I'm applying those to another area. I'm prioritizing what I need to get done, but then I'm giving... Continue Reading →

The Best Purchase Ever

The holiday season is upon us. In the U.S., this next week is Thanksgiving. I'm uncertain where I will be or who I will be with. I'm moving towards eliminating this issue and just being by myself no matter what. I have a good reason to excuse myself from the fake, the awkward, and the... Continue Reading →

Serendipity and Progress

This week has brought the realization of how I'm answering my calling without even knowing it. I've been admonishing myself for being resistant, for allowing myself to be blocked. Yet, much to my astonishment, I'm doing it by happenstance. The clearing old family connections that no longer serve me is serving the work I'm to... Continue Reading →

The Whims of the Seasons

Now, I wonder about others. don't want to tip-toe around them. I don't want to wonder if the only reason I'm included in holidays is because of some overblown sense of obligation, not because they actually enjoy my company. I'm not sure what my connection to them is right now. Before moving here, I anticipated... Continue Reading →


The guy in the car ahead of me at the coffee shop this morning paid for my latte! I will definitely be paying that forward. I wish I could have told him THANK YOU!

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