Since I was snowed in for Spring Break, I didn't really done much. I also wasn't focused or motivated. At first I had a lot of regrets and was self-critical of my lack of productivity. Yet, it slowly seeped in that I actually wasn't unproductive at all. It became a time of incubation, a time... Continue Reading →

Healing Partner

My cat, Mocha, is a small Torbie. She has the colors of a tortoise shell (tortie) in the pattern of tabby. She is also a healer. She assists in healings I experience with shamans over Zoom when I'm with a shamanic group I'm learning from. One night, she was peacefully laying on the back of... Continue Reading →

Mind, Body, and Spirit Are One

Now, to unite, integrate, and emerge. This has been a message and realization that has been coming through loud and clear lately. I have a long history of asthma and have had after-effects of Covid. Whenever I have even the slightest cold, it goes directly to my lungs and triggers asthma - sometimes rather starkly.... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He's been gone 25 years, but I always remember it. As a child, it was always an exciting time. It meant my birthday was next. . . only a month and a day away. I often write him a letter as I did yesterday. This time I asked him for... Continue Reading →

A Little Less Seriously

So here I am trying to figure out my life, where I'm going, what I want my life to look like, who I am other than my job, etc, etc. etc. There's a global pandemic feeding an economic crisis, all while political strife rages on. With all this, what is that just made me lose... Continue Reading →

Becoming Home

I returned to my home state of Colorado a year and a half ago. Now, it's a matter of making it feel more like home. I was away for over 30 years, so a lot has changed - except me. I came home to the troubled teen who aged out of foster care, but I... Continue Reading →

A Choice

I thought I walked away from my dreams when I gave up teaching in higher education. I was stuck in the world of being an adjunct with no prospects of being granted anything more especially in the field I worked in which was ESL. I blamed myself for a long time. I thought it was... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Republicans

So you lost a presidential election and believe that it was stolen. Do you honestly think you’re the only ones who have ever felt that way? Really? What about the 2000 election where then Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, led the state to stop counting votes; it wouldn’t have gone well for his brother. Then in... Continue Reading →

Encounters that Change My Life

I met someone the Saturday after my 18th birthday who changed my life. Though we spent the night together, I never saw him again. It was a pivotal time of my life and I've yet to be able to completely let him go. I've still felt his presence although I no longer believe he is... Continue Reading →

A Bittersweet Parting

Ember chilling at home. Right before I left Oregon to move back to Colorado, things got really bad for me. I was broke, but the money I was waiting on to move hadn't come in yet. I asked for help in a FB group for a spiritual center I went to. A couple responded and... Continue Reading →

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