The Whims of the Seasons

Now, I wonder about others. don't want to tip-toe around them. I don't want to wonder if the only reason I'm included in holidays is because of some overblown sense of obligation, not because they actually enjoy my company. I'm not sure what my connection to them is right now. Before moving here, I anticipated... Continue Reading →


The guy in the car ahead of me at the coffee shop this morning paid for my latte! I will definitely be paying that forward. I wish I could have told him THANK YOU!

Melting Bitterness into Flowers

As I worked towards releasing my "brothers," I found I needed to release my adoptive parents too. I had not realized how the hurt and anger from their dysfunction was still lying just under the surface. I needed to give those back too. I made folded representations from paper that dissolves in water for all... Continue Reading →

A Parting Long Overdue

Today, I wrote about a struggle I've had for many, many years with not having contact with the 2 brothers I grew up with. One is 2 1/2 years older; the other is 5 years younger. For years - no, for decades I tried to be their sister; I tried to stay in touch. Only,... Continue Reading →

A Summoning

I awaken early. Too early. I try to sleep again. After some time, I drift into restlessness. A couple hours later, I drag myself to a vertical position after three snooze alarms. I've overslept. Now, I frantically rush around trying to get out the door. I eagerly focus on the busyness of the day -... Continue Reading →

An Important Announcement

Dr. John Campbell is a professor of nursing in the UK. I began watching his daily COVID-19 updates in March 2020. I don't catch him every day now, but I have found that his information is spot on. Indeed, I credit his medical advice about how to fight this virus as the reason I survived... Continue Reading →

Mice and Moving Cheese

Years ago when I worked in consumer finance, my company purchased its biggest competitor, and massive changes were afoot! So they bought every employee a copy of the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson. We all read it, then there were the office discussions about it. To be honest, I don't think... Continue Reading →

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