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Ongoing Challenge

The day I was in a car accident back in July, I started experiencing tingling in my lower leg and foot. Now, two months later and with chiropractic care, it’s still there. The good part is that the sciatica is settled down, so I’m not in a lot of pain anymore. My doctor also made… Continue Reading →

Not So Bitter Partings

I removed my last post because it was just too much. I decided I really didn’t want to put that out there to the universe. While it was also cathartic, it didn’t serve me since I keep having more and more information coming into my awareness about where I am right now. Therefore, I took… Continue Reading →


So working on the physical was a good idea. Then working on the spiritual was good idea. Now, to bring both together. It’s not mind and body, but physical and spiritual; intellect and emotion. Like the moon is full and then new again and again as it waxes and wanes pulling the tides. Yet, they… Continue Reading →

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