New Tools for Healing

I’m so surprised we’re only a few days away from the spring equinox! It’s been a busy time. Although, at times I’ve felt like I’ve been operating under water. Yet, just in time resources have emerged. I have to say, I’m now learning more about CPTSD with the new knowledge and research and treatment for it there is. It’s been very informative to begin to understand how it manifests physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Now, I’m stepping up my game in terms of finding further resources for healing. That’s the amazing news. It can be healed. The brain has an incredible capacity due to neuroplasticity. The other good news is that professionals are recognizing that the recipe of strategies like therapy to yoga to EMDR is strictly individual, so this means that each treatment plan is individualized. I’m looking forward to exploring and finding which mix of strategies work the best for me.

So far, I’ve started engaging in the daily practice, and I have already noticed a difference. I’m sleeping better, and I’m starting to notice a link between being triggered and my eating habits. I’m cautiously optimistic. If you’re interested in learning more about this, I recommend that you check out The Crappy Childhood Fairy. She does have her detractors, but I’m finding her YouTube channel to be very informative, and it’s really nice to have things put in perspective.

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