New Year, New Energies!

Happy New Year! I am so ready to leave 2022 in the dust. Even with the challenges, lessons were learned, and focus became clearer. I am truly looking forward to the coming year. Life will look a lot different by the time New Year’s rolls around again.

One tool that is easy for even beginners in the esoteric arts can us is to combine the numerology of your date of birth with the Major Arcana of the Tarot. First, you can find your overall soul path simply by adding the numbers of your DOB individually. For example, if your birthday is May 25, 1972, you would add each number separately:

5+2+5+1+9+7+2 = 31

However, since 31 is a double-digit number, you would want to add those numbers together too.

3+1 = 4

Therefore, the 4th card of the Major Arcana is the soul path. This card is the Emperor, which represents the father archetype. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female in this lifetime, it’s the meaning and energy behind that archetype that counts. In this case, The Emperor represents leadership, strength and success.

Well, you can do the same thing to find the overall energy of the New Year. Use the month and day of your birthday, but instead of the year you were born, use the current year. So for me, that would be March 24, 2023.

3+2+4+2+0+2+3 = 16 Then adding those together: 1+6 = 7

So my coming year of 2023 will be ruled by The Chariot

The meaning? This is the universe’s way of saying: BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUP! Looks like an interesting year ahead.

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