Seeking the Sturgeon

Sturgeons are not what they seem. Many mistake them as fish. They are not. Instead, they are ancient creatures that are literally living dinosaurs! Likewise, those who would gleefully separate you for your assets, also, typically present as something they are not, and they have been around as long as humans have – probably longer! They’re just now using the modern tools of computers and the internet. So how do you find these mysterious creatures and uncover their true nature before being bit?

  1. How can you verify they are real?
    • Google them. If nothing comes up and you have a VPN, connect to a server in or near their country and run a Google search from there.
  2. What if Google is a dead end?
    • Do a background search. Some may cost a small amount of money, but it’s certainly worth it and saves you a ton of money in the meantime.
  3. What background search is best?
    • There are two that are ranked high.
      • The first is – its focused more on public records, criminal background check, etc. However, it limits searches to the U.S.
      • The second is – this one provides you with a wide range of countries to choose from. It’s not focused on criminal background checks, but it does scour multiple social media sites, allows you to do a reverse email look up and run a picture through a face recognition software. (Keep in mind, just because you have a photo doesn’t mean it’s a real person. It’s not hard to create a new composite face with features from other photos.)

I’m going to close this here. Keep in mind that coming up empty on your search is a huge red flag! It really is all the information you need to have!

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