The Missing Red Wave

So often I hear young people being put down. I hear about how weak or lazy or stupid they are. I hear people wonder out loud how the young people will ever manage to function in the real world. Indeed, I recently experienced this with a colleague who’s 14 years older than I am. I smiled at him, “They’ll figure out just like you did.” He chuckled, remembering some of the crazy things he did as a young man. I asked him to think about what his dad said about him at the same age. I thought of similar interactions I’ve had when I watched this commentary on the young people coming out to vote.

2 thoughts on “The Missing Red Wave

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  1. Very interesting, given what the numbers are in the House right now. From where I sit in the UK, I don’t see much of the ripple, nor the wave. It might have happened in smaller elections, more local ones, but still see gains by the GOP or whatever it is now. Will be interesting what happens in the next few days and months.


    1. It will be very interesting. Multiple results are still outstanding. Typically, the early counts are known to have a “red mirage,” and later ballots are heavily democratic. Also typically, the party that doesn’t hold the White House makes huge gains in the midterms. That didn’t happen, even with all GOP efforts to suppress the vote and gerrymander their way into power. And it didn’t happened even with inflation, a dropping stock market, and high gas prices. At worst, the Democrats would have only two more months as the majority party, but they can do a lot in two months. Plus, while Merrick Garland held back because of the midterms, indications are that he’s ready to move. Most are looking at the attack on Paul Pelosi as another Jan. 6th. Regardless of final election results, my advice to the GOP is, “Buckle up, Buttercup!”


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