One Last. . .

I met DH on a Trailways bus. We were both college students and were coming up to Denver to then go to our respective homes for the holidays. We talked for hours on the long bus ride. Once we got to Denver, we each had a layover, so we went to Woolworth’s where he bought me a cup of coffee.

That launched our relationship. Since we were going to two different colleges, we had a long-distance relationship, and wrote many love letters in between the times we could see each other.

Right after he passed, I went to his place with our kid. On his desk, I found the picture he took of me in those early days 40 years ago. I was 18. I kept the picture.

Then I saw a Starbucks coffee card tossed on his desk, and wondered who would give him a that. This man still drank percolated coffee! I kept the coffee card too.

Today, I went to a Starbucks to let him buy me one last cup of coffee. While I sat there sipping my latte, I wrote him one last letter.

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