The Challenge of Release

The day I was in a car accident back in July, I started experiencing tingling in my lower leg and foot. Now, two months later and with chiropractic care, it’s still there. The good part is that the sciatica is settled down, so I’m not in a lot of pain anymore. My doctor also made me get x-rays just to make sure nothing was broken or cracked, which it wasn’t. But the tingling lingers.

Today, the chiropractor tried a different type of adjustment, but also added that if I don’t start seeing improvement in the next week to 10 days, that we’ll need to look at me getting a referral for an MRI to see what is going on. I’m hoping to just be able to walk normally again.

You know how your leg feels after it’s fallen asleep and is waking back up. Well, that’s how my lower leg and foot feel all of the time. It’s quite annoying. Any good thoughts, prayers, healing energy sent my way would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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