Not So Bitter Partings

Today, I took a different approach than I have before, and it worked much better. I’m not so emotionally drained and exhausted. I’m feeling like I’m on much more solid ground. So what did I do differently?

First, I had also noticed how heavy my place felt today. Almost oppressive. Another thing I did was cleanse the energy in my home by smudging it with sage. I even smudged my vehicle to cleanse it of the energy of the accident I was in and to give it additional protection going forward.

Second, I released those I need to let go. Sad as that may be, sometimes it’s necessary to maintain healthy boundaries. And you know what? Not my monkey, not my circus. There are certain things, I don’t need to take on, nor do I need to unburden others from the consequences of their choices.

What’s important right now are the choices I have before me and embracing the ones that will bring more love and more joy into my life.

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