Not So Bitter Partings

I removed my last post because it was just too much. I decided I really didn’t want to put that out there to the universe. While it was also cathartic, it didn’t serve me since I keep having more and more information coming into my awareness about where I am right now. Therefore, I took a different approach to today and it worked much better. I’m not so emotionally drained and exhausted. I’m feeling like I’m on much more solid ground. So what did I do differently?

I cut cords with those who I need to let go. It’s actually several “family” members. I put family in quotes because what I have learned during my time here in Colorado is that it takes more than shared DNA to be a family. Sad as that may be, it’s the truth. Those tasks evolved into being very productive time spent this evening.

I had also noticed how heavy my place felt today. Almost oppressive. Another thing I did was cleanse the energy in my home by smudging it with sage I’ve had in a drawer for several years. I even smudged my vehicle to cleanse it of the energy of the accident I was in and to give it additional protection going forward.

It’s amazing how some think I’m just sitting here judging them even before I was upset with them. It really seems to be their own conscious needling them over the way they treat people. And you know what? Not my monkey, not my circus. If they want to live like that, be my guest. I certainly don’t need to take that on, nor do I need to unburden them of the consequences of their choices.

What’s important right now are the choices I have before me and embracing ones that will bring more love and more joy into my life.

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