Late Summer Blessings

While I mourn my losses, I also give gratitude for my blessings. I have supportive friends and a workplace that’s very accommodating to my needs. I’m super grateful that my old, high-mileage vehicle is going to be repaired instead of totaled. It was transported to the body shop today! I go review the damages and sign for repairs tomorrow.

I had bought a new spare tire cover for it before the accident, but since I wasn’t sure if I was going to be getting my CRV back, I went ahead and returned it. It was a scene with mountains and the moon above them. Seemed fitting at the time. Well, not any more!

My new tire cover has a wreath of flowers and “Good vibes only!” written in the middle. It’s considered a “woman’s cover” which I just think is funny. But it’s far more suitable to where I am right now.

At work, I spent almost two days pulling together a presentation to reflect my learning the last two years. I turned it in only to be told that I don’t actually have to do it. They’ve changed the requirements over the summer. I’m just as happy putting the whole thing behind me and not having to worry about giving the online presentation. Although, it’s a little frustrating that it put me further behind than I already was after being gone for a week at the start of the school year.

Yet, now I’m taking a day to work from home, so I have no interruptions to help me get caught up. The coworker I collaborate with the most is also working hard on helping me get things done as much as possible. Plus, no one has said anything about the time I need for chiropractor visits or other matters I need to take care of. I’m really grateful for where I work.

I’m really grateful for my younger one too. I spoke to her over the weekend and she’s taking things in stride and moving forward with getting more of her father’s affairs in order. I’m really impressed with her. She has a grace and strength that’s serving her well.

Finally, it’s been blessedly cool the last couple of days. I’m needing extra sleep, and the cool nights have certainly helped. Many things to be grateful for, and, yes, I do say “Thank you!” to the universe!

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