Shifting and Letting Go

I’m trying to get things sorted out and easier to sort through for when I’m gone. I know it’s not something most people want to think about let alone do, but I find that it’s far better to plan and not leaved your loved ones chaos. I was left chaos, and swore I would never do that to my loved ones. That’s part of why I downsize, downsize, downsize. I’m constantly streamlining what I have, letting go of what I no longer need. I’m now going through papers, photos, etc.

This is just the organization phase. I still have digitizing photographs and papers which will take much longer. But the basics will be complete and the further projects will be easier to accomplish. My siblings will be given additional writings and USB drives of our mother’s photos. And things will be left to each of my offspring and grandchildren.

It’s not all easy though. Whenever I come across my mother’s writing, I feel like crying even though it’s been almost 16 years since her passing. It takes me right back to being by her hospital bed telling her I love her and that it’s okay to go. Now, I know there’s more letting go that needs to be done. I will be stepping into that. It’s a part of my path that has been neglected long enough.

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