Today was Different – 6/28/2022

I’ve watched the slow march towards authoritarianism for many years.

I’ve watched that march break into a full run since 2016.

I’ve watched the GOP’s horror show become a death-spiral.

I’ve watched the Jan 6th Committee hearings with anger and disgust.

But today was different.

I’m not even sure why today was different. But it was.

I’m an eternal optimist. I take lemons and make lemonade.

Friends comment on my ability to pick myself back up.

I’m resilient, and I’m a patriot.

But today was different.

Today brought me to tears.

Today shook me to my foundation.

Today made me waver and question.

How the hell do we come back from this?

Today, I feel the storm.

Tomorrow, I will awaken anew.

Tomorrow, I will resolve to fight on and batten down the hatches.

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