Preparing for Each Day

As I’ve started to realize that I’m getting ahead of myself, I find that I’m worrying about how things will happen down the road. Now, I know that I need to leave that behind and trust that I may not know how it will happen, but that it will happen. I know the universe has my back, and that’s what I need to rest in.

What can I do today? How can I make each day better?

I need to prepare – not plan – but prepare for each day. Pay attention to the small things that I can control. Live in gratitude. And abandon my “to do” lists. Instead, create an accomplishments list.

What have I done today?

Each day’s list will be a different length, and that’s okay. Nobody has the same level of productivity every day. Some days, I might get a lot done. Other days, I might get out of bed and order take-out to be delivered. Whatever each day brings, it deserves to be acknowledged as the best I could do that particular day.

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