The Bitter and the Sweet

I teach at an blended learning alternative high school. It's the kind of job that, at times, will break your heart and, at times, will make your heart sing. Sometimes in the same day. Today was one of those days. I had the family of a student I had in my class all this past... Continue Reading →

Jan. 6th Hearing – 6/28/2022

I've watched the slow march towards authoritarianism for many years. I've watched that march break into a full run since 2016.I've watched the GOP's horror show become a death-spiral.I've watched the Jan 6th Committee hearings with anger and disgust.But today was different. I'm not even sure why today was different. But it was.I'm an eternal... Continue Reading →

To-Do Lists Be Gone!

I have chosen not to create to-do lists anymore. I would inevitably add more than I could possibly get done, and then not be kind to myself when I fell short of accomplishing a super-human task of completely an entirely unrealistically long to-do list. Sure, I tried to shorten my list, but then I would... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Each Day

As I've started to realize that I'm getting ahead of myself, I find that I'm worrying about how things will happen down the road. Now, I know that I need to leave that behind and trust that I may not know how it will happen, but that it will happen. I know the universe has... Continue Reading →

Taking Small Steps

I'm figuring out what I need to do to craft the life that envision for myself. It's been interesting. I've had successes in some areas and not in others. Now, I'm looking at what makes one goal a success and another fall short. Oddly enough, a scene from a movie about rehab came to mind.... Continue Reading →

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