A Dreamed Reality

I want to have a home, a place I belong. A place where I feel welcome and, in turn, welcome others through my door. A place where love and trust and kindness are staples.

I want to hear music and laughter. A place with drumming and journeying. A place where we honor the seasons, give thanks to the land. A place on the edge of town by a creek. A place of esoteric thinkers, musicians, artists, and writers.

I want to find my soul tribe. To be called mother, auntie, sister, nana with every syllable truly meant. To be respected for my intelligence and recognized as a wise woman. To be loved and have a lover and life partner no matter my age or size. Someone who strives to make each day a little better, a little brighter.

I want to read and dance and sing. To nourish my soul as well as my body. To travel to see where my people come from. To explore the possibilities of my world.

I want to fling my arms out and breathe deep. I want to smile and laugh and find joy every day. I want to be free to be me – truly be me – and still be wanted and loved.

One thought on “A Dreamed Reality

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  1. You want a full life and a life of fullness. Exercise what my preaching professor in seminary called – Holy Boldness. You are opening yourself to the fullness and it will come to you as you move towards it. Right now you and it are on a misty path and in time the light will break and you will discover you and the life you wish for are in the same bright place.


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