Creating Takes Practice

The holiday season is upon us. In the U.S., this next week is Thanksgiving. I’m uncertain where I will be or who I will be with. I’m moving towards eliminating this issue and just being by myself no matter what. I have a good reason to excuse myself from the fake, the awkward, and the drama of “family time.” I recently made the best purchase ever – a camera!

I can go out for a day trip of photography and leave the drama and hurt feelings behind. I can do something I’ve wanted to do for years – have my own camera to take pictures with. I get to learn techniques and skills that I didn’t have before. Eventually, I want to learn how to shoot with depth-of-field, so I can really hone in on one aspect of the whole photo. I’m actually getting pretty excited about it.

I’m behind in a tarot/astrology class and have about 5 books I want to read immediately. I have my own recipes and my own food I want to cook. I’m earning a little extra money to get a little ahead. I also have a dresser to touch up the paint on, the top of a nightstand to finish sanding, staining and varnishing, and an oak kitchen table to lightly sand and varnish.

I can also get some little debts paid and save for a relocation to my home. I honestly don’t know where that will be. I tried using divination with my Brian Froud Faerie Oracle to get an idea, and got nowhere. Sometimes the fae are elusive. Sometimes their only message is, “Not yet.” I then asked about the process to finding my home. That was clear. Keep doing what I’m doing. Keep working towards my goals. Continue to “Chop wood and carry water.” This will take time, but there are things I need to do first.

Interestingly enough, it showed that there is someplace I have not yet considered. There is someplace that will be quite a surprise. Yet once it appears, what follows will happen quickly, but I’ll be in a really good space. This is where I’m heading:

So maybe this week of continued solitude is just the thing. Not that I’m going to stay at home by myself, I will be out and about and traveling and having fun!

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