Leaving the Darkness Behind

This week has brought the realization of how I’m answering my calling without even knowing it. I’ve been admonishing myself for being resistant, for allowing myself to be blocked. Yet, much to my astonishment, I’m doing it by happenstance.

The clearing old family connections that no longer serve me is serving the work I’m to do. Now, my setting healthier boundaries for current family connections also improves my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With these areas strengthened, I can focus on self-care and improving my overall physical health too. The lessons are difficult with the clearing of unwanted energy is proving to be very real and painful. Yet, my own development makes this process necessary.

Deep down I know that I will not need to walk through these shadows again. That conviction was reinforced by a recent dream I had where I was having a conversation with another man I was with. We were only together 4 years due to his gaslighting and mental/emotional abuse. In my dream, I was saying good-bye to him on a soul level. I remember telling him that whatever karma had been between us was now resolved. It was done and over with. We will never again cross paths in this life or any other.

I thought it was odd that after all these years, that I would have this conversation with him in my dream. Yet, with the work I’ve been doing, I thought there might be something more to it, so I looked him up. I found that he had been arrested 11 months ago for Attempted Murder, Assault 1, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. He was denied bail and is currently in prison. His earliest release date is 7 years from now. Ironically, as a staunch atheist, he’s being housed in what’s by far the most haunted prison in his state.

His 2nd daughter has also been incarcerated for the last 3 years for Attempted Kidnapping II. She has another 2 1/2 years before her earliest release date. Apple didn’t fall far from that tree, did it? His son had multiple charges for felony drug possession with intent to distribute a decade ago. Even thought he was under 18 back then, I’m still amazed that he didn’t have to do any time. I don’t know about his 1st daughter, but back when I did, she was your run-of-the-mill druggie taking anything she could get her hands on. I really hope that she and her brother have both cleaned up their lives.

All I can say right now is “Wow!” Just. Wow. I can honestly say that I have never been so grateful to my divorce lawyer than I am right at this moment!

Now, I’m able to let go of the admonishing with embracing the understanding that my current path is serving my calling and getting me to where I need to be. Ultimately, my current actions are allowing me to step forward to do the spiritual work I’m meant to do. Alongside the sting of my most recent lesson, I’m feeling grateful and blessed.

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  1. Wow is right! You were well out of that marriage. You are getting stronger and wiser. The paths forward and onward are opening for you as you clear the clutter of past relationships that no longer serve and were clearly detrimental. That said, those experiences have given you insights that well enable you to deal with what you encounter in your evolving spiritual work. Whew!


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