A Summoning

I awaken early. Too early. I try to sleep again. After some time, I drift into restlessness. A couple hours later, I drag myself to a vertical position after three snooze alarms. I’ve overslept. Now, I frantically rush around trying to get out the door.

I eagerly focus on the busyness of the day – keeping the anxiety at bay. I feel the tension and push it down. I pause for a moment to breathe and re-center. And so my day goes.

Then just as abruptly as it began, it ends. I return home to my four walls and silence. I distract myself as I watch it grow darker a little earlier each day.

Now, it’s time to prepare for the coming darkness in season and sense. No longer will I return to a silent house. I will see that music greet me accompanied by my cats’ commentary on the day. The evenings will be of reflection and rest.

As for the mornings, when I am called forth from my slumber at 4:30, I will rise. I am being summoned for an early task, a service to spirit that I must fulfill in the stillness of that hour.

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