Freshening Up an Attitude

The last three weeks have been emotionally and finally physically difficult. The transition back to work has been a challenging one. Not getting everything done I had planned this summer, getting hit with the reality of the current COVID-19 surge, learning I have more work to do on my spiritual path, and sitting at a computer 8-hours a day again have all ganged up on me at once. Now, after several days of really not feeling well, I’m doing better. I’m still a little shaky from not eating, so I decided to take a sick day and stay home from work.

Now to regroup. I’m taking care of me and my environment today. Yes, that means house cleaning that I haven’t really done in 3 weeks. I’m watering the lawn, cleaning my patio, making more progress on unfinished projects, and preparing food to eat for the week.

I’ve learned that when I don’t plan and prepare meals, it’s far too easy to revert back to bad habits. Those poor choices are what made me sick to begin with. Now, to make better choices.

One thought on “Freshening Up an Attitude

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  1. Go slowly and be gentle with yourself. It is far easier to fall back into unhealthy/unhelpful habits/behaviours than not to too too harsh on yourself for doing so. remember the AofM are here for you if you need moral support of a word or words of encouragement. x


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