Consequences of DeFunding Education

I’m so sad about the current surge of COVID-19 in the U.S. I’m hurting for all the loss of life especially the children who are now orphaned, and the children who are dying.

What most don’t realize and American news media has completely failed to put into context is that this is not new. This is actually the 3rd coronavirus the world has been hit with in the last 20 years. This has just been the nastiest – so far.

Here’s how the CDC responded to SARS 1 in 2002 under President Bush:

CDC SARS Response Timeline

Here’s the CDC page on MERS:

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

We’re not magically dealing with a pandemic. This family of respiratory infections has been cropping up since 2002.

From SARS and MERS to COVID_19: a brief summary and comparison of severe acute respiratory infections caused by three highly pathogenic human coronaviruses

It’s important for people to finally understand that the research on coronaviruses did not begin March 2020. Research across the globe has been ongoing since 2002. Therefore, the researchers already had a foundation of knowledge they could build on with COVID-19.

Case in point, in one study that came out of China in June 2020, researchers compared patients who had SARS 1 with patients who did not have SARS 1. The question they asked was if the T-cells from SARS 1 actually gave patients who had SARS 1 immunity from COVID-19. The answer was, “Yes, it did.”

Here is UK Professor of Nursing, Dr. John Campbell explaining the study: (start watching at 2 minutes.)

Coronavirus, Long term immunity more likely

With this finding, medical and pharmaceutical teams around the world were able to extrapolate the research already done and with a global focus and effort, scientists quickly developed vaccines. So, no, the vaccines weren’t just “slapped together.” Are they perfect? No, nothing in medicine ever is, and the coronavirus continues to mutate the more it spreads.

Let that sink in: COVID-19 continues to mutate, the more it spreads.

We’re now dealing with the Delta variant which is twice as infectious and causes serious illness in younger patients. Other variants are also being tracked. Yet, people still won’t vaccinate.

Stories are coming out of how dying patients are expressing regret over not getting vaccinated. Nurses are taking to social media to beg people to get the vaccination. After seeing so much death, front line health care workers are burned out and suffering from PTSD. Doctors and nurses are facing patient after patient after patient who has done nothing to mitigate the pandemic: refused to wear a mask, refused to socially distance, refused to get vaccinated. Then these patients and their families expect the doctors and nurses to work miracles to save them. Is it any wonder that health care workers’ empathy wells are running dry?

I can’t say I blame them for walking off the job. My heart goes out to the families of medical workers who see the exhaustion and the heartbreak in their loved one’s eyes every day. My heart especially goes out to the families of those who reached a place of despair they couldn’t come back from and took their own lives instead. Yes, this has been and is happening too.

And I’m angry. I don’t know what it’s going to take. I’ve got to be honest here, my empathy well isn’t where it was a year ago either. All I keep thinking about is the massive scientific illiteracy we have in the U.S. That’s what comes from 40 years of defunding education.

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  1. This is a really important post. It is hard to summon much sympathy for those who refuse to follow the science and put not only themselves but everyone, not only in their own country but those in every country, at risk from not only Delta variant, but any others that are bound to emerge as mutations in the future. The challenge is that this is not the last virus that is going to sweep the planet, especially as the permafrost is melting and releasing viruses no one has eve seen.


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