Welcome Back

In packing for my short trip, I realized that even though I’ve only lost a few pounds with being so active this summer, I’ve lost inches. I’ve got a few things that have been hanging in my closet that I can wear now! I’m so stoked!

It’s really motivating. I just want to keep going and improving. However, I’m being gentle with myself today. Being at a 500+ person gathering tapped my reserves. Plus the upper 90’s temperatures outside didn’t help. I was grateful when I had the opportunity to come home early and then work a half-day. It’s allowed me to bounce back faster than I anticipated.

Now, looking ahead. I’m focusing on changing how I approach food. My colleague swears by the keto diet, but something tells me that’s not for me. A diet I followed some years ago with pretty good results was the Body Ecology diet which focuses on addressing yeast overgrowth and healing the digestive system. I wondered if there were any similarities between the two diets and found that the Body Ecology diet is very close to the keto diet except that it provides support for those who don’t digest fat well.

Who doesn’t digest fat well? Anyone like me who’s had their gall bladder removed. There’s long term ramifications and consequences to that which medicine is just now really recognizing and coming to understand. I’m also hesitant to jump on a high protein/high meat diet too. We eat far too much meat in the U.S. Indeed, our meals are planned around meat dishes. Considering how much land it takes to raise meat compared to how much land it takes to raise vegetables or grains, we get far more food per acre from farming than from ranching. Overall, we need to start being smarter with our food production especially with an accelerating climate change.

This will be something I will be transitioning to. I’m not going to suddenly, magically have the perfect diet, but I can certainly start incorporating some of the basic principles into what I am doing now.

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  1. Find the ‘right diet’ for yourself is a matter partly of listening to your body and its knowing. There is also trial and error, but but the commitment to changing the way one eats is a first huge step. There are no magic bullets. Slow steady progress wins the day. Too right about the over consumption of meat, also a matter of balance, but moving toward a less animal based diet is good for the planet, the food animals and humans. Well done you!


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