Paths that Cross

My cousin lost her husband on the summer solstice. He had been under hospice care for 3 months and slipped the bonds of earth on his 79th birthday. My cousin has been the essence of love and radiated such grace in letting her beloved go. They are both so special to me.

Hank was gentle, kind, and loving. The type of man I wish there were far more of. He lost his daughter many years ago and was never the same. Yet, he used his experience to lovingly reach out to others to support them through their losses and hold space for their grieving. When I lost my mother, I was so very blessed to have him lend me his quiet strength and gift me with his wisdom.

My cousin wrote that she saw him leaving in his fishing boat on his favorite lake, stopping to pick up his daughter on the shore before they both head off across the water.

I’m so filled with gratitude to have had his path cross mine. May the wind be at your back, and the fish biting, Hank!

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