Response to End-Timers

I’ve been getting occasional texts from a family member with videos of someone talking about the “end times.” While I appreciate his concern for me, I don’t agree at all. I just ignore the texts…don’t even respond because I’m hoping not to damage the relationship. Anyway, this is what I would like to say to them:

I’m not going to watch this video. People have been seeing signs of end times for 2000 years, and for 2000 years, they’ve been wrong. So just like thousands of others before him, this guy comes along during challenging times with claims of having the inside scoop on God! God already knows what’s in people’s hearts. He certainly doesn’t need the likes of me or the likes of anyone else second guessing Him. For me, living the best life I can every day is an act of faith. Instead of fear for what may come, I prefer gratitude for what is.  

On a lighter side:

During the Great Depression, Jehovah Witnesses predicted the day of the second coming and gathered in groups in homes to pray and wait. This includes gathering in farm house in central Iowa where my father-in-law was a teenager. He and his older brother heard about this and stole a case of dynamite that their father had to blast tree stumps. They made their way to the farm house where these Jehovah Witnesses were gathered and set off the entire case of dynamite in the field behind the house! It was heard in 5 counties!

FYI: No one was hurt. Other than a hole in a field, no property was damaged. Sometimes we just need to lighten up.

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