Leafing Out with New Growth

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually started writing something only to not get it finished. Then by the time I get back to it, the moment has passed. Anyway, here I am – back in the game.

I’m working on my place again. I had to rehang a drum once the hook came out of wall. I’m also hanging a ceiling hook for a spider plant a coworker gave me. I’m hanging it in my front window. I’m so glad to be getting this done. I’ve been meaning to for weeks. On top of it, I’m getting everything in my place dusted which is something else I’ve neglected.

I’ve become increasingly restless and bored with the way I’ve been living with being on my computer constantly or in front of the TV. Now, I’m establishing projects, and I’m getting things done. That feels really good.

I also just completed by first week of Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts. I’m starting slowly. I don’t want to strain myself. Right now, just completing the two circuits at Curves is an accomplishment, and I’m pretty pleased with this. It will get easier. My confidence will grow. I will be able to do more.

For now, I have the stability with my job, income, and support to be able focus on myself and start tackling projects inside and out.  

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