Sore Social Muscles

Today, I had someone tell me that I build community. That I’m one of these people who do that naturally. Really? Then why have I been through so many? Maybe building them is not the problem, but staying with them is.

At the end of summer, my place of employment will do the in-person gathering that got cancelled last year. Everyone will get to see everybody else that they know, who they have known for years, who they tell jokes with. Everyone is already talking about it and looking forward to it.

Me? I’m dreading it. Hopefully between now and then, I’ll figure out a way to overcome social awkwardness. This summer, I’ll make a point of meeting new people to test the repairs to the mask I wear and have time to polish my shield.

Maybe today’s Zoom fatigue is getting to me. I doubt it would be the same if I regularly interacted with people face-to-face. Others have people to talk to when they turn off their work computers and “go home.” I have two cats who I do love and appreciate, yet there are days I miss human contact. I guess today is one of them.

Although, I have no doubt that, in the long run, I’ll be okay. I have the resilience and the inner resources to find my way, but not everyone does. If you have friends, family, or neighbors who live alone, make sure they’re okay. After a year of lock down and everyone starting to get together with their families, a lot of fragile folks are being left behind.

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  1. I was told the same thing, about enabling community when I was in seminary – who knew. Since then I have been basically community-less. In some ways it hasn’t a problem for me. I find too many people a drain. I no longer engage in my spiritual practice with others – don’t like the ‘politics’ of group dynamics. All that said, I can appreciate the need for contact with real live people, though I am pretty quiet in a group I don’t really know. Social awkwardness is a challenge, especially when you know that most of the people in the group you are going to be with wouldn’t understand most of what is important to you. I go and smile and talk drivel and then come home and have a deep and profound conversation with a tree. I’m sure you will be fine, remember you are very talented, and wise and fun to be with.


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