Healing Partner

My cat, Mocha, is a small Torbie. She has the colors of a tortoise shell (tortie) in the pattern of tabby. She is also a healer. She assists in healings I experience with a shamanic group I have learned from and am learning from.

One night, she was peacefully laying on the back of my armchair. When the healer began drumming, she reached out a single paw and placed it on my shoulder. She didn’t demand attention, she just touched me. I was keenly aware of her touch and her presence. When the healer stopped drumming, she left.

Then this evening, I was once again working with a healer. Mocha was sleeping on a chair on the other side of the loveseat from me. As soon as the healer began rattling, Mocha got up, walked over, and laid on me over my heart as she likes to do. When the healer stopped rattling, once again, she left.

The healer then talked to me about opening my heart chakra even more. It would be beneficial physically for my heart and lungs as well as beneficial to my connections with my guides and my human community.

I am taking heed, yet I find no need to “work on it.” It’s a true labor of love – for both of us.

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