Mind, Body, and Spirit Are One

Now, to unite, integrate, and emerge.

This has been a message and realization that has been coming through loud and clear lately. I have a long history of asthma and have had after-effects of Covid. Whenever I have even the slightest cold, it goes directly to my lungs and triggers asthma – sometimes rather starkly.

Now, I’m learning the connection between how my physical body, my mental body, my emotional body, and my spiritual one. I’m learning to share my story. I’m learning authenticity and wholeness within myself as well as learning to speak my truth with others and see greater integration into the community around me and relationships I choose to interact in. It is all one. The more I heal me, the more vulnerable I can be with others, the more my physical being heals as well. I no long need to hide. I no longer need to be part of the person I am. I can accept who I am and begin to celebrate the unique story that I have to offer.

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