An Open Letter to Republicans

So you lost a presidential election and believe that it was stolen. Do you honestly think you’re the only ones who have ever felt that way? Really?

What about the 2000 election where then Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, led the state to stop counting votes; it wouldn’t have gone well for his brother. Then in the court battle that ensued, the entire election got tossed to the Supreme Court where nine people – NINE – decided for the rest of us who our next president would be.

Yeah, that left a lot of bitterness and feeling like the election had been stolen from us.

But did Democrats ransack the Supreme Court building? No. Did we threaten the nine Justices’ safety? No. Did we plot to kidnap and execute then Speaker Newt Gingrinch?  No.

Why? Because we’re patriotic enough to actually still believe in American democracy. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work to win back as many seats in Congress as we could during the midterms. Then we looked ahead to the next presidential election.

Indeed, it was our Standard Bearer who oversaw and led the Congressional certification of the 2000 Electoral College vote; thus, sealing his own defeat. Why? Why would he do that? Because Al Gore is a patriot who put country over party. Even though it was a bitter pill to swallow, so did the rest of us Democrats. Undoubtedly, the example set by our party leadership set the tone for that.

What a contrast to your party leaders! Now, in the wake of your failed insurrection, your party leaders are crying out for unity. How do we unify with a party that has turned its back on the principles this country was founded on? Your elected members have betrayed their oaths of office, and your citizenry has taken arms against the very democratic institutions you claim to support. You’ve turned your backs on your country because you didn’t win an election.  

You’ve gotten lazy. You chose to take the easy way out. You turned to violence because you’re too lazy to bother with the responsibilities of a being a citizen of a republic. You don’t have the tenacity or the resilience to do the hard, messy work required to maintain a representational democracy. You have become the party of entitlement that would rather destroy our institutions when you don’t get your way.

Republican abuse of the filibuster is an example of this mindset where you’ve become too lazy to bother with the actual work of governing. Serving your constituents is too hard for your party of laziness; it’s too much of an inconvenience. It’s so much easier to do nothing and watch 400,000+ people die in a pandemic.

Even more than being lazy, you’re cowards. Your party leaders lack the courage to lead their caucuses to be anything but cowards. That is why the GOP-lead Senate wouldn’t vote on bills. Notice how I didn’t say pass bills; I said vote on them. Your Senators are too cowardly to go on record with their votes.

Instead, you choose to be like a spoiled 5-year-old who sits down in the middle of a grocery aisle refusing to move until Mommy bribes him with a new toy. Everyone else in the store just shakes their heads. They know the real reason he acts that way is because it’s worked for him.  

While the rest of us want the one functioning party we still have to start cleaning up the disasters left by your rampaging toddler, your party continues to be that spoiled child sitting in the middle of a grocery store aisle. Not only are you still too lazy to actually do any real work, you’ve now taken to whining about how no one wants to play with you anymore.

Unity. That’s what you’re calling for. Unity. You sound just like that tantrum-throwing child promising Mommy he’ll be good next time. Yeah. Unity. Never mind that you’ve handed matches to that five-year-old who’s now willing to burn the country down to get what he wants. But. Unity.

As someone who’s a patriot and still believes in the principles this country was founded on, I do see very clearly just how deeply flawed our nation is. Yet, I still believe in working towards a more perfect union. I still believe the American Experiment is worth continuing.

So in all earnestness, I do have one question for you: How are we to have unity with a Republican party that no longer believes in the republic?

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