A Bittersweet Parting

Ember chilling at home.

Right before I left Oregon to move back to Colorado, things got really bad for me. I was broke, but the money I was waiting on to move hadn’t come in yet. I asked for help in a FB group for a spiritual center I went to. A couple responded and took me in. They refused to charge me for the room, and the wife even drove with me and my cats to Colorado. I am still to this day and forever more so filled with gratitude for the blessings that came my way through these loving and giving people. The friendship they offered soothed my bruised and battered soul and helped me take the next steps in my journey.

This beautiful girl is theirs. Her name is Ember. She would wait for me to wake up in the morning and greet me at my bedroom door each and every day. She was my morning sunshine at a time when I was emerging from the dark. Her heart is just as big and just as loving as the two people who brought her home as a rescue.

I just saw on FB that this old girl has seen better days as the time for her to cross the rainbow bridge is fast approaching. Regardless of how heartbreaking it is for us, what’s important is that she doesn’t suffer. A warm heart and beautiful soul like hers deserves better than that. I know with every fiber of my being that she is in the best of care. Still.

You will be missed, lovely Ember.

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