An Emotional Week

This week’s transition of power from the fake administration to President Biden’s has been incredibly emotional. I cried with the ceremony honoring those who have died of Covid. I wasn’t able to watch much of the inauguration because I was working. With that emotional release of the night before as people’s grief was acknowledged, the next day brought a monumental shift in the nation’s energy. People breathed easier. We didn’t wake up with dread wondering what the orange toddler had tweeted overnight this time. We woke up knowing someone who has known grief and had compassion was leading our country again.

We have an American dying of Covid every 30 seconds. We’re losing more people on a daily basis than we lost in the twin towers on 9/11. It wasn’t just that the previous administration’s idea that the pandemic should be handled on the state level, he then turned around and sabotaged the state’s efforts by stealing medical supplies! FEMA was ordered to confiscate 500 ventilators right off the tarmac at Denver International Airport. The Republican Governor of Maryland housed 5000 Covid tests in a secret location and activated the National Guard to protect them. We still have no accounting as to where all the medical supplies are. I’ve already written President Biden about my concerns regarding that, especially now that we find that the vaccines that were supposed to be there- aren’t.

I will, on occasion, write political commentary because it is also part of who I am as well.

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